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"I had the last one in Fajardo:" María discusses the birth of her last child, who was not born in Vieques but instead in Fajardo, and links the birth of his child to the US Navy's attempt of trying to control Vieques's population rate.

María explains that the activists involved in the land rescue of Villa Borinquen embraced the slogan "Haciendo a Vieques Más Grande," or "Making Vieques larger."

In 1965, María and Carmelo took their machetes and began cleaning a piece of land to establish their home in the area of Pueblo Nuevo, which became known as Bravos de Boston, one of the first rescues of federal land in Vieques. María narrates the…

US Navy began legal action to evict María's and Carmelo's family.

María describes an eviction attemp by the US Navy in Bravos de Boston.

In 1941, the US Congress approved a series of laws authorizing the US Navy to establish a military facility in the island of Vieques, an island that is part of the archipelago of Puerto Rico. Between 1941 and 1950, the US Navy acquired 25,353 acres…




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