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1. Interview with Carlos Ventura 1998
The crew travels to Viques on a boat, a woman shows the US Navy’s deposit Zone while at sea. Pedro Zenon speaks about a recent situation with a French boat and speaks of Villa Borinquen’s situation and how it was rescued. Prieto speaks of the…

5. Interview with Edwin Melendez A 1998
Edwin Melendez and his mother speak about cancer in Vieques, about his cancer and they show pictures of cancer victims in Vieques. They speak about the process of becoming a Viequense and being born in Vieques. The group speaks of the arrest of Angel…

8. Interview with Ismael Guadalupe A 2004
Ismael Guadalupe talks about the ideas and challenges for developing Vieques after the exit of the US Navy. He also discusses the history of civil disobedience in Vieques after the death of David Sanes in 1999.

9. Interview with Ismael Guadalupe B 2004
Ismael Guadalupe talks about the changes in the Vieques struggle after the exit of the US NAVY. He discusses the negotiations between the government and different organizations, as well as some challenges faced by Vieques organizations in the new…

10. Interview with María Velázquez A 2004
María Velázquez, wife of Carmelo Felix Matta, tells the story of her family's eviction and migration out of Vieques. Then, she talks about the origins of the land rescue efforts she undertook along with her husband Carmelo. She describes the origins…
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